Chiss diplomacy 1
Chiss enter trade negotiations with a Squib.

Welcome to the Chiss Ascendancy Market. Here you can buy from or sell to the Chiss Ascendancy. Contact Grand Aristocra Reius Rothschild for all market transactions.

Market Links:

Centepoint Market

Trade Federation Market



The following Products and Services are available for Sale:

Hammerhead Corvette(Preorder) – 22 Millio



Want to Buy

The Chiss Ascendancy is interested in purchasing the following:

Chiss NPCs



The Chiss Ascendancy offers the following discounts:

Treaty of Csilla Discounts –  The New Republic, any New Republican Private Sector Affiliates, or NR Nationalized Corporations may be offered a 25 percent discount. New Republican Citizens may be offered a 5 percent discount.