Chiss Org Chart

The Chiss Houses which direct Chiss policy are known as the Ruling Houses. As per the Chiss Constitution, no more than four Chiss Houses shall be Ruling Houses at a time. For a Chiss House to be elevated to Ruling status requires a three-fourths vote of the Ruling Circle and confirmation by the Judicial Circuit.

Approval of the Ruling Circle is required before bills passed in the Chiss Parliament become law. The Ruling Circle may pass laws that do not deal in the areas delegated to the Chiss Parliament(unless operating under emergency powers), known as Ruling Decrees. A Ruling Decree remains in effect for at least 30 days, until it is vetoed by the Chiss Parliament. In the event that there are no recognized non-Ruling Houses seated within the Council of Families, the Ruling Circle may also assume the powers of the Council of Families.

The Ruling Circle also elects a Grand Aristocra to execute any roles within the Chiss Ascendancy that are not be filled by others and to represent the Chiss Ascendancy to the galaxy. The Grand Aristocra serves until death or resignation, and must be the Aristocra of a Ruling Chiss House.

Either the Grand Aristocra or the Ruling Circle may declare a State of Emergency. If the Grand Aristocra declares a State of Emergency, Chiss Senate Elections are suspended(including the 90-day referendum cycle). If the Ruling Circle declares a State of Emergency, then the Chiss Ascendancy may declare war without Chiss Senate approval. A State of Emergency may be ended by the Council of Families(this vote cannot be vetoed by the Ruling Circle).



Ruling Circle


Grand Aristocra

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