Chiss Judiciary

In the Chiss Ascendancy, there are the following tiers of Courts:

Council of Families: The Council of Families serves as the High Court of the Ascendancy in most cases. It is authorized to hear cases regarding the following: Constitutionality, Appeals from Lower Courts, and Dispute Aristocracy(House Succession).

Judicial Circuit: In the event the Council of Families cannot fulfill its Judicial Role, the Judicial Circuit may be convened. For more details on the authority of the Judicial Circuit, please refer to the Chiss Criminal Code.

CEDF Courts Martial: Military Offenses are prosecuted by the Defense Hierarchy, the command staff of the CEDF.

House Courts: Each Chiss House has a House Code that is enforced by the Aristocra and other senior House Officials. The House Code applies only to that House and has no scope of authority beyond the House. The House Code of each House cannot supersede Council Decrees or the Chiss Constitution.