Chiss Parliament

The Chiss Parliament is the primary legislature of the Chiss Ascendancy and is divided into two chambers: the Council of Families and the Chiss Senate.

The Council of Families consists of all Chiss Houses who have been granted recognition. The Council of Families may Appoint Justiciars, Conduct the monthly Family Roll Call(which determines whether a Chiss House shall retain its seat in the Council of Families), Ratify Treaties, and create Senate seats. Every 30 days, the Council of Families may vote on whether to dismiss the Chiss Senate if the Chiss Senate is in session. The Council of Families also elects the presiding officer of the Chiss Parliament, the Crahsyndic.

Every 90 days, a public referendum is held on the holonet to determine whether the Chiss Senate shall be called. Senate approval is required to Declare War, Demote a Ruling House, or Amend the Constitution. A Senator serves for 90 days, and may declare a Vote of No Confidence against the Crahsyndic or a Justiciar(these votes cannot be vetoed by the Ruling Circle). The Chiss Senate must be at least four seats but no greater than nine, with one seat reserved for Chiss candidates only.

Council of Families



Prad`aga Rono


 House Yar Delegate

Reius Rothschild


 House Royan Delegate

Spark Royan


Chiss Senate

TBA                                      TBA                                     TBA                                    TBA

Senator                              Senator                             Senator                             Senator