Chiss Language


Cheunh is the primary language of the Chiss. For non-native speakers, it is a very dense, difficult-to-understand language, where subtle differences of pronunciation are extremely important to the message. Both the written symbols and spoken language are referred to as Cheunh.

Spoken Cheunh:

The spoken language is a complex series of compound words and phrases used to communicate ideas. Root words are used as the core of the word meaning, and built up with the context of the idea or statement. Pronunciation is extremely strict, and even minor differences in a pronounced sound can lead to a radical difference in the word’s meaning. Aspirations on a sound (the soft expelling of air when making the sound) can change the meaning entirely, as can the use (or omission) of a pause in the pronunciation, known as a glottal stop. The Chiss have a much more pliant vocal system than most other species, allowing them to make such throaty pauses much more easily. Cheunh is a very context-heavy language, and is considerably more precise than Basic, Huttese, or any of the other major languages outside Ascendancy Space. To an outsider, a Chiss speaking proper Cheunh often sounds like he or she is stuttering. When a non-Chiss speaks Cheunh their inability to fully pronounce it all can warp the meaning of the words.

CPIN is pleased to provide all guests and visitors with this Basic-to-Cheunh Translator Tool