Chiss Houses

The Aristocra of the Chiss Houses gather for the K’arci bah Vutavcah, the annual festival of the Chiss Houses.


Chiss House Structure

Each Chiss House consists of many sentients of the following titles:

Merit Adoptive – Those who have applied or have been invited into a Chiss House are known as Merit Adoptive. The ranks and privileges vary from House to House, but every merit adoptive is recognized as a House Member. Many Chiss Houses have been known to grant this rank to Non-Chiss.

Trial Born – Each Chiss House has a process for determining for when Merit Adoptives may be promoted to reflect their dedication to the Chiss House. Such sentients are said to have been “Born to Trial” and are known a Trial Born. Each House varies in the privileges and responsibilities, but every House expects more from its Trial Born than its Merit Adoptives.

Blood Born – Blood Born are heirs for the Aristocracy and by Chiss Law MUST be Chiss. Blood Born are further identiified by the nature of their blood relation to the current Aristocra(Sibling, Cousin, etc.). Some Chiss Houses require the majority of their Blood Born to consent before naming an Heir, Appointing a Syndic, or any other major decision. A Chiss House must have at least two Blood Born to be recognized, the Aristocra and the Heir.

Syndic – A Syndic is the Quartermaster of the Chiss House and serves as Regent in times of transition. Many modern Chiss Houses have been known to grant the status of Syndic to Non-Chiss and others have been known to appoint their heir as Syndic as preparation for the greater responsibility of Aristocracy. The Syndica also commands the Household Phalanx in the absence of the Aristocra.

Aristocra – The leader of a Chiss House, the Aristocra represents the interests of that House. The Aristocra is expected to file a monthly report to the Chiss Parliament confirming that they have met the Constitutional Requirements for recognition.

Household Phalanx: Each House maintains a bodyguard unit of troops to protect House personnel and property. These troops cannot be placed under the command of the CEDF without the approval of their Aristocra.

House Recognition

According to the Chiss Constitution, a Chiss House must contain at least an Aristocra, a Blood-Born Heir, and one other. The Aristocra and Heir must be Chiss. They must be active Citizens or Dual Citizens of the Chiss Ascendancy. This is known as the House’s Merit of Power.

Each House must provide history and determine at least one specialization. The Specialization is the area of responsibility for the Chiss House and this must be approved by the Council of Families. This requirement is known as the Virtue of Service.

Any House that fails in one or both of these is censured for one month(are barred from casting votes in the Council of Families for 30 days).

The greatest Houses are the Ruling Houses, who sit in a council known as the Ruling Circle. There may be no more than 4 Ruling Houses at any one time and the Ruling Circle has final approval on any applications for promotion to Ruling House status. A Ruling House Aristocra must rescind any and all other citizenships they have, as Ruling Aristocra are prohibited from being Dual Citizens.


How do I join or Found a Chiss House?

You can join a Chiss House by getting in contact with their Aristocra. You can found(or restore) a Chiss House by contacting the Crahsyndic. The Judicial Circuit will review the Chiss House Application for constitutionality, and then a vote will be conducted within the Council of Families on whether to grant the potential House a seat.

House Application:

House Name:

House Logo(not required):

Aristocra: Name (Affiliation)

Heir: Name (Affiliation)

Other Members: Name – Race(Affiliation)

Specilization(approved by Council of Families):

What are Idle Houses?

These are Houses that have lapsed in activity and with the permission of the Crahsyndic and the Council of Families may be reauthorized if an application is submitted and the applicant meets the constitutional requirements.

Here is the current list of Idle Houses:

House Inronkini

Hosue Csapla

House Nuroudo

House Prard

Hosue Nakesh

House Sabosen

House Ar’togl

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I do not have much time, so I will make this quick: What happens when a Chiss House dies? Not when its members dies, but the House itself. The answer is the Ascendancy’s darkest secret: The Vesci.

The Vesci Houses control the Criminal Underworld in Chiss Society. Each Vesci House follows the same structure as the legal Chiss House with one exception: the House’s operations are a criminal enterprise. Aristocra of Vesci Houses are known as Tcuti. The four greatest Vesci Houses, known as the Boss Houses, meet on a non-regular basis. Called the Committee, each represents their own House and a network of lesser Houses that have sworn loyalty to them, but that loyalty is always in flux. At each meeting of the Committee, a facilitator called the Vesci Justiciar is elected, and many meetings have been known to break into shouting matches and even open brawls over this mostly ceremonial role.

No crime in Chiss Society occurs without the sanction and support of the Vesci. That said, they see themselves as the vangauard of the Chiss Criminal Underworld, protecting it from infiltration by alien cultures. While Non-Chiss are heavily utilized in the Vesci Houses, even here Chiss Cultural Supremacy is a priority, as no Vesci Aristocra(known as Tcuti) has been Non-Chiss.

Their reach is not restricted to the Csilla system as Vesci House members have been identitfied all over the galaxy including bnsyjfhhrh sndbka pnjbfhb near jsgcxhdvgh cjnjkchbc djnvjhvjhvkjhtfn moving ships frnofvgjyu vmik

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Who are the current Houses?:

House Yar Logo

House Yar(Ruling)

Motto: “From the Darkness, we defend the Light”

Aristocra: Reius Rothschild

Specialization: Production

Description: House Yar is a House which focuses on engineering, primarily shipbuilding. While House Yar accepts the traditional rules of succession, nonchiss are welcome to join the Chiss House and may even obtain the rank of Syndic(Regent and Quartermaster of the House under the Chiss Constitution.).

House Yar’s Color is Red. House Yar’s emblem is known as the Vuzsi, a small dark-feathered scavenger bird native to the northern tundra of Csilla (the ancestral homeland of the Yar family). The Household Phalanx of House Yar are known as the Ravenist Knights, the most trusted of whom are issued ceremonial swords, which they wear along with their standard weapons.



K’arci bah Vutavcah

The K’arci bah Vutavcah is the annual gathering of the Chiss Houses. It was historically held once a year during Pre-Ascendancy times for the Chiss Houses to have a time of peaceful celebration outside of the inter-Hosue conflict.When the Ascendancy was founded, it became when a new Grand Aristocra would be elected. The Grand Aristocra served until death or resignation.