A CEDF Soldier stands guard outside a Chiss Facility.


The Chiss Expansionary Defense Force(CEDF) is the military arm of the Chiss Ascendancy. It is a Combined Arms organization and does not segregate ground and space forces.

The CEDF is commanded by the Defense Hierarchy. The Defense Hierarchy consists of the Commander Officer of the Defense Fleet,  the Commanding Officer of the Expansionary Fleet, the Crahnllsan of Asrallka, and the CrahKassan.

The Defense Fleet is divided into Colonial Phalanxes, each responsible for the security for some area of Chiss Territory.

The Expansionary Fleet is responsible for Exploration, Scouting, and Reconnaissance.

Asrallka is the Intelligence and Security agency of the Chiss Ascendancy.

The CrahKassan oversees Logistics and Morale for the CEDF.

Defense Hierarchy

Supreme Commander

                                                                Defense Fleet CO

Admiral Taklavoss Mithwra



Asrallka                                                                                                            CrahKassan

Crahnllsan CLASSIFIED                                                                            Prard`aga Rono



Ranks and Payscale


Grade              Honor             Pay                                       Rank_

C-4                                –                                     n/a                                    Admiral
C-3                                –                                      n/a                                Vice-Admiral
C-2                                 –                                     n/a                                   Crahnllsan
C-1                               –                                       n/a                                   Crahkassan
O-7                           5000                           $5,000,000.00      Force Commander(Crahsystor)
O-6                           4500                          $4,500,000.00                  Colonial Syndic
O-5                          4000                            $4,500,000.00               Assistant Syndic
O-4                          3500                           $4,000,000.00                 Vit`ecin(Captain)
O-3                          3000                          $4,000,000.00                  Systor(Commander)
O-2                         2500                            $3,500,000.00               Kassan( Navigator)
O-1                         2000                           $3,500,000.00                Lcahran(Lieutenant)
E-6                         1500                           $3,000,000.00     AsLcahran(Lieutenant JG)
E-5                       1000                            $3,000,000.00    CrahVessiat(Chief Flight Officer)
E-4                       500                             $2,500,000.00       SaVessiat(Flight Specialist)
E-3                      250                             $2,500,000.00           Vessiat(Flight Officer)
E-2                     100                             $2,000,000.00         AsVessiat(Assistant Flight Officer)
E-1                       0                                $2,000,000.00                 Vibat(Cadet)

Ground Soldiers may be known by a different rank based on their specialization:

E-2 : Bin`bi(Trooper)

E-3: (Corporal)

E-4:Rashe`an`t (Sergeant)

O-6: Han`asit(General)