A CEDF Soldier stands guard


The Chiss Expansionary Defense Force(CEDF) is the military arm of the Chiss Ascendancy.

The CEDF was formed to defend the Ascendancy from the numerous threats of the unknown regions. It is bound to uniquely defend the Ascendancy and may not assault foes without being given sufficient cause to justify aggressive action, typically overt attacks on Chiss colonies and institutions. As a result, the CEDF has a limited geographic presence. The CEDF conducts exploration missions and is responsible for the security of the Ascendency.

The Council of Families appoints an Admiral to oversee the CEDF and a House to oversee their actions in detail. Members of the CEDF are considered Houseless for the duration of their service and may only display symbols of their affiliation for formal occasions or when off duty. While many citizens join the ranks of the CEDF without belonging to a ruling House of the Ascendancy, it is rare that the competent and effective officers are not made merit adoptives by Houses, who are always seeking to maintain their position and vision of CEDF matters.


AdmiralCommanding Officer of the CEDF,  The Admiral directs the entire fleet, enforces military order and is the guiding hand of the Ascendancy throughout the galaxy. Reporting directly to the overseeing House, his advice is often sought by the COF.

Vice AdmiralExecutive Officer of the CEDF. May be appointed by the Admiral if confirmed by the Council of Families.

Crahsystor (Force Commander) – The Crahsystor is a rank and position that predates the infamous civil war that destroyed the Ascendancy and most of the Council of Families. Promotion to this position grants the authority to command a fleet group and a certain amount of liberty in their deployment. A Force Commander has ultimate command during individual battles during campaigns and has shown his mastery of fleet synergy and strategy. In the event of ground campaigns, he has general authority over the deployment of ground forces.

Vit’ecin (Captain) – A capable and proven officer, Vit’ecini are commanders of fighter wings, capital ships and even fleet groups on a temporary basis. Stoic, rational and insightful, their competence is the backbone of the CEDF and the front line against chaos.

Lcahran (Lieutenant) – A Lcahran has successfully passed the basic training regimen of the CEDF academy and has proven his command potential. Given this temporary rank and transferred to a command academy, the Lcahran is often seen in temporary command positions across the Ascendancy to gain the field experience necessary for graduation.