The Chiss Ascendancy came into existence after the rival Chiss Houses chose peace and cooperation after many years of fighting and unrest. Under the Ancient Chiss Ascendancy, Chiss civilization grew and prospered with the support of the Chiss Houses, each specialized in unique skills.

The “Golden Age” of the Chiss Ascendancy wouldn’t last however, as fighting from both internal and external forces eventually caused the Acsendancy’s demise. Many Chiss migrated off their ancestral lands in hopes of a new beginning and an attempt to preserve Chiss culture.

The battle hardened Chiss sentients in exile faced many obstacles in their attempts to restore a new Ascendancy. By Year 15, the remnants of Chiss Society finally put their differences aside and united under a new governing body, guided by the principles of a new Constitution. As the years passed, the reborn Ascendancy reestablished the Ruling Circle and a new Chiss Parliament. The Chiss Expansionary Defense Force was also created, a military division whose leadership was comprised of capable veterans of multiple wars.

Among the Chiss Exiles, Chiss Culture has been preserved with a renewed effort by the Chiss Houses on unity and creating a growing community for Chiss and Non-Chiss who share the vision of Restoration. Today the Chiss Ascendancy stands for a resilient group of sentients that never give up despite any challenge. The history of the Chiss is steeped in knowledge and perseverance, and together they forge ahead into a new era of prosperity and strength.